Pack your holidays with fun, colourful and creative projects!

Whether it’s painting, drawing, crafting, fashion design, digital art, photography, animation or film-making, there’s always something interesting to do at our studio during half-term and holidays! For young performers, we offer singing, dancing, movement and drama workshops, with new themes every week!

Half-Term Workshops

A range of “eye-opening-to-nature” October Half-term workshops heading your way. From painting, paper craft, to drama and music, there are oodles of opportunity to explore the theme of nature, floral and insects!



Mon-Wed, 28-30 Sep 2020

OR Mon-Wed, 5-7 Oct 2020

OR Mon-Wed, 19-21 Oct 2020

OR Wed-Fri, 28-30 Oct 2020

X’mas Workshops

Mould, paint and craft your way across a panorama of Christmas symbols and traditions. Reinvent and remember the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season.

This holiday season, participants of 4-6.5 yrs will get to explore Painting and 3D Art when the 6.5 yrs+ will choose two projects from Painting, 3D Fibre Art and Animation to complete an inspiration-filled week.


Week 1: Wed-Fri, 18-20 Dec OR
Week 2: Mon-Tue & Fri, 23-24 & 27 Dec OR
Week 3: Mon-Tue & Fri, 30-31 Dec & 3 Jan


Chinese New Year Workshops

In addition to an array of visual and performing arts, motion and creativity, we now offer Communication Skills and Music & Lyrics! Enrol now for our exiting New Year workshops to find your voice and put it to good use!


Wed, Thu & Fri, 29, 30 & 31 Jan 2020

Easter Workshops

Fabulous florals abound this Easter as we get fresh and flirty with mixed media, clay and textiles. From painting delicate egg shells to rendering blossoming petals with wire and thread, our fantastical gardens will bloom with creativity and colour – the perfect way to shake off the cold shrug of winter and frolic joyfully into Spring!



Week 1 – Tue-Thu 2-4 Apr   OR

Week 2 – Tue-Thu 16-18 Apr   OR  

Week 3 – Wed-Fri 24-26 Apr