Every Child is an Artist

– Pablo Picasso


Explorer’s Art (3-4.5 yrs)

Just for little hands, Explorer’s Art is all about exploring Art ! Refining gross motor skills and experimenting, exploring and creating with tactile media, this programme introduces the world of art to as young as 3 years old.

Core Art (4.5 yrs +)

Come hone your art and craft skills in Core Art, which is dedicated to inspiring, developing and creating masterpieces for children between 5 to 11 years old. Looking at a variety of media from 2D planning and painting to 3D constructing and sculpting.

Ready-Set-Draw (8 yrs +)

Want to improve your current drawing skills or add new skills to your repertoire? Learn how to ‘lift’ your drawings off the page with techniques in perspective, shading, hatching and weighted line, along with proper proportion! With a bit of observation and imagination, drawing will become the most FUNdamental art form!

Sculpture Culture (8 yrs +)

Combining a variety of new materials to build, stick, layer, construct, mould and shape, Sculpture Culture is all about getting your hands dirty and your brain scheming! Students will enter a higher level of three dimensional sculpture developments from concept devising to 3D sketching as Sculpture Culture teaches you to be a tactile spatial artist!