Half Term 2020

Mon-Wed, 19-21 Oct 2020

OR Wed-Fri, 28-30 Oct 2020

A range of “eye-opening-to-nature” October Half-term workshops heading your way. From painting, paper craft, to drama and music, there are oodles of opportunity to explore the theme of nature, floral and insects!

Fluttering Butterflies

(3D Painted Relief)

VISUAL ART & DRAMA for 4 – 6.5 yrs

Fees : $1,750
10:00 am – 12:30 pm daily

Inspired by David Kravoc’s colourfully crafted butterfly sculpture, this workshop introduces simple paper crafting techniques to paint, fold and build a decorative relief sculpture of countless fluttering butterflies creating a vibrant cloud of happiness.


Wildlife Mélange

(Painting, Mixed-media Collage)

VISUAL ART & DRAMA for 6.5 – 10 yrs

Fees : $1,850
10:00 am – 12:45 pm daily

Compose a painterly mélange of abstract-patterned and organic-shaped wriggly wildlife. Experiment with layering ink, acrylics and decorative papers to grow a whimsical, modern style of nature illustration. Make your insect and crawly motifs pop by adding vibrant patterns to enhance texture.



For 4 – 6.5 yrs & 6.5 – 10 yrs

Introducing CMW’s School of Drama! Come and attend a crash course of drama where each day will be dedicated to in-depth training of a performing arts skill that participants can bring to the stage. Our 3-morning programme will be split into juniors and advanced levels to give the most effective learning experience for all ages. This fantastic fast-paced workshop is guaranteed to boost self-confidence and push the imagination.

Storytelling Crash Course (4 – 6.5 yrs) – Our younger performers will participate in activities that are story driven like Freeze Frames – Character Walk – Cultivating their own ideas, and honing performing elements.

Musical Theatre Crash Course (6.5 – 10 yrs) – For each day of the crash course the performers will engage in a different activity related to different aspects of Musical Theatre. Songs and movement will be designed to give a taste of what a musical theatre rehearsal is like.


Enormous Insects

(Paper Craft, 3D)

VISUAL ART only for 10 yrs +

Fees : $1,950
10:00 am – 12:45 pm daily

Eyes sparkling like thousands of coloured gems. Wings as delicate as lace. Insects are just magnificent! You will learn essential rules about macro and micro proportions by studying the anatomy of insects. Then scaling up your creepy-crawly into paper-craft beauties, complete with a spectacle of meticulous craft skills (cutting & assemblage) enhanced with geometric pattern design and chromatic harmony.


Music & Lyrics by Roy Cheung

PROFILE: Roy Cheung Yuen Lung – BSc Music and Sound Recording (Tonmeister) graduate with a First Class Honours and 10 musical, engineering and linguistic awards from the University of Surrey, UK. The prestigious Surrey Tonmeister degree is unique, blending rigorous musical study, advanced investigation of audio engineering and mastery of sound-recording operation and practice. Having completed a placement year at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Roy has developed audio and video production skills, in addition to a full repertoire of merits covering 7 piano scholarships and competitions, orchestral music reading and the 2017 Dave Fisher Classical Recording Prize for best classical recording portfolio.

Pop Singing

(Vocal / Sound Recording)

For 6 – 8 yrs

Fees : $800 / 2-morning enrolment
9:45 am – 11:15 am daily on Wed & Fri
21 & 23 Oct OR 28 & 30 Oct

Learn rhythmic patterns and simple melody lines and bring home a professional recording of a fun pop song that would get everyone moving!


This Is My Song

(Lyric Composition / Sound Recording)

For 9 – 11 yrs

Fees : $900 / 2-morning enrolment
11:15 am – 12:45 pm daily on Wed & Fri
21 & 23 Oct OR 28 & 30 Oct

Combine creative lyric writing with sound recording in this music theory based digital workshop. Study lyric analysis, parody and composition and take home your very own recording to share with family and friends. Start your musical journey here!


The Music of Sounds

(Sound Art)

For 12 yrs+

Fees : $750 / 1-morning enrolment
10:00 am – 12:30 pm on Sat
24 Oct OR 31 Oct

Explore sound art and foundational principal of audio. Develop critical listening to environmental sounds. Stretch your creative capacity. Learn to manipulate and edit sounds through pyka_loop on iPad; and bring home your first sound track.
Participants is recommended to bring an iPad to the class.