Mindfulness of being – Mottainai

This year, we at Colour My World are heightening our awareness of existence, our role on this planet, our relationships with others and the environment.

Enter spring time with creative incentive about giving new life to pre-existing things. Explore the concept of Mottainai – a Japanese saying expressing regret over creating waste, and the philosophy of minimal waste via the repurposing of used objects. From objects to ideas, revive and restore new meaningful use of the discarded.


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ENROL NOW: Term starts from 2 Mar! Existing students do NOT need to re-enrol.

Explorer’s Art   (3 – 5 yrs)

Artfully Wasted

Waste not, want not! This term, the Art Explorers have two great recycling/upcycling projects lined up for them. First up, the Explorers will be introduced to ‘found object’ art and create a Louise Nevelson-inspired 2D relief assemblage. Then, they will craft a mixed-media sculpture suspended within a free-standing frame using their own decorative pattern designs.

Core Art   (5 – 10 yrs)


Our Core Artists will explore the philosophy of “Mottainai”, which is a commonly used phrase in Japan to express a feeling of regret when something is put to waste without deriving its value. They will give new life to materials saved from going to the landfill while experimenting in both 2D and 3D art. They will begin with a collagraph-printed landscape depicting elements of the wonderful terrestrial ecosystem and finish by crafting an abstracted 3D animal by weaving deadstock textiles and more.


NEW!  Drawing Fundamentals

(Drawing & Sketching for 6 – 8 yrs) 

Discover the elements of art and learn the basics of observational drawing. Create form using simple shapes as well as line to construct the illusion of 3D form. Learn observational skills in subjects from still life to anatomical studies in order to support imaginative drawings. Build an excellent foundation for your future in the visual arts.

Ready-Set-Draw   (8 yrs+)

Tools & Traits

Take your drawings to the next level by mastering the art of rendering negative space, then carving a depiction of a tool on linoleum to create a collection of refined print works. Taking inspiration from Californian block printing artist Todd Barricklow, you will explore your chosen object’s personalities based on shape, form, texture, and purpose. Go against your instincts by carving away negative space in order to reveal the positive shape.

NEW!  Comics

(Sequential Art, Graphic Novels for 8 yrs+) 

Ever wanted to take your very own story and turn it into a visual narrative? From crafting stories and scripts, to storyboard, plot and character design, to creating an original stylish comic spread, this course is a great introduction to an action-packed medium!

Sculpture Culture

(Pottery-Ceramics 8 yrs+)

Fundamentals Master Class

Learn to build three-dimensionally and excel in creation that takes form in art ware, figurines, sculpture, decorative and applied art objects. Acquire fundamental skills from pinching, coiling, slab to wheel-throwing, we shall experiment with new materials whilst utilising techniques of slip casting, clay modelling, and surface texturing.

NEW!  Pixelated

(Digital Arts 10 yrs+)

WATCH THIS SPACE for our fresh new offer of Digital Arts. We will be offering digital illustration, painting, and graphic design. Then bring your designs to life with the basics of motion graphics and animation. You are to bring your own devices and we shall show you how to use them for creative outcomes.

Tactile Textile   (10 yrs+)

Fashion Body Shield

Let’s blur the boundary between fashion and art in this three-dimensional weaving workshop. Feel inspired to express yourself through a wearable artwork. Create a unique accessory for your body and connecting two features of your silhouette. This personally tailored ornament will be made using a free-weaving technique out of a light metal frame, allowing the multi-fibre textile piece to organically flow with the topology of your figure.

Sketchbook Studies & Painting   (10 yrs+)

Cult of the Pop Personality

Learn about the fascinating personalities behind famous pop artists, from Yayoi Kusama to Keith Harring to Hong Kong’s own Frog King. Learn about brand collaborations between artists and products. Design your own LOUD pop artist persona, upcycle a garment you own with your own designs, and create a painting to carve yourself a spot in the Pop Art scene.

Mentor Studio   (13 yrs+)

For art enthusiasts who are considering Art for GCSE, A-Levels, IGCSE or IB; or who simply enjoy being stretched artistically. Mentor Studio is open to any participants who want to strengthen their skill repertoire, build on their collection of portfolio-worthy artworks, or explore challenging themes through open-end self-enquiry guided closely by a mentor. Acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of art-form, techniques and styles used as we guide you through various artistic decision and pathways to artistic achievement.

Architecture in Context   (13 yrs+)

Rendering technicalities with creativity, we explore architectural and interior spaces, with referenced imagery and floor plans of Hong Kong vibrant and historical landmarks to build a foundation of perspective, shape, space and form. Topics of investigation throughout the year range from Relocation, Restoration and Conversion, with rendition of a mix of architectural drawings, mood boards and illustrations; both conceptual and imaginative.