Colour My World New Website Launch

Colour My World is proud to announce the launch of our new website!

We hope to improve your experience of navigating an ever-growing collection of creative offers.
If you haven’t enrolled in any of our weekly SUMMER WORKSHOPS please click on the link below.

Colour My World Updates

Colour My World Updates

We’re Open For Business!  

For those of you who missed the update on our homepage, workshops, in small group sizes, we are still running and business hours have not been affected.

However please note that in view of the recent Novel Coronavirus, those who attend workshops are advised to:

  • Temperature check at home prior to arrival at CMW
  • Bring face masks which must be worn at all times
  • If your child is unwell, please contact our staff and we will arrange a makeup date before term ends for any workshops missed.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Ticket Sales

Tickets were originally planned to go on sale February 7th, however due to the current situation in Hong Kong, the date for ticket sales has not yet been confirmed.

Keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Instagram page for confirmation of when you can book your seat to our smash hit musical.


Mentorship and Portfolio Building Opportunities

Mentorship and Portfolio Building Opportunities

Looking for a Mentor?

Let Colour My World guide you to success in the year of the Rat.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to work alongside Frederique Decombe in her series of Mentor programmes. Get professional guidance from her team of practicing artists. Subjects range from painting to illustration, sculpture and textile, filmmaking and photography, and graphic art.

Mentor Studio (13 yrs +)

Work directly with our Mentors to successfully conceptualise, evaluate and execute personalised outcomes. Reinforce your course work and personal projects, and let out experts guide you from conceptualisation to a documented sketchbook or journal.

  • With a focus on IGCSE, GCSE, IB, A-Level, AP Level, and school and university applications.
  • Guidance and instruction on a range of techniques including 2D, 3D, and new media.
  • Broaden your knowledge of art history and artistic concepts.
  • From initial concept to the production of a final portfolio.

Portfolio Building (13 yrs +)

Whether you’re getting ready to apply to art school or an interview, our Mentors will help you fulfil specific portfolio requirements.

  • Our Mentors have extensive knowledge in building a body of work for universities and art colleges.
  • Personal coaching and development to present your collection of work in an engaging and professional way.

Places are limited and are based on a first come, first served basis. Check out the Visual Arts page on our website for more info.

Celebrate 20 Years in the Creative Arts!

Celebrate 20 Years in the Creative Arts!

Join Colour My World as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary

Yes, that’s right, Colour My World has been expanding and collaborating with artistic minds since 2000. Over the coming months we will be marking this milestone in a variety of exciting ways, including our 20th Anniversary production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Director, Daryl Walker, has said that ‘everything from the acting to designing the sets is coming together’ and that ‘the performers are doing some great things that they can’t wait to show you’. Colour My World’s version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream will take place on March 14th and 15th 2020 at Y-Studio, Youth Square in Chai Wan. This pop musical of Dream resonates our 2005 production performed at dusk in Hong Kong Park. Tickets going on sale at URBTIX starting from 7 Feb 2020! 

In other news, we have some amazing collaborations coming up, including Art Basel, where we will be hosting art tours and activities at the UBS Junior Art Hub. Stay tuned for more info!

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out our Chinese New Year workshops. We have some fantastic courses on offer, and more details can be found on our Facebook page and website.

For all the latest news and updates follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, and if you feel inspired by anything you see, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you!

Colour My World Visual Arts E-Bulletin Jan-Feb 2020

Colour My World Visual Arts E-Bulletin Jan-Feb 2020


Celebrate the start of a new decade with our 2020 Masters’ Challenge. From Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Hundwertwasser to contemporaries such as Reynolds, Council and more. These titans of creativity have driven our participants to paint, sculpt, sketch. stitch and design a storm of fantastic work. Happy New Year!

To find out more about our Visual Arts Workshops, visit: 


ENROL NOW: Term starts from 28 Dec 2019! Existing students do NOT need to re-enrol.

Core Art Yearly Focus – Fine Art and Design

Compose compelling original artwork and expand your skills in design. From Japanese contemporary art to early 20th century Russian Avant Garde, you will discover how the visual language of fashion, product, graphic design and modern architecture can be used for boosting sustainability awareness, advertising campaigns and commercial messaging.

Explorer’s Art   (3 – 4.5 yrs)

Kaleidoscope Republik

Referencing photographs of Hong Kong skylines, buildings and aerial shots, artists will plan and draw their own fantasy landscapes. Influenced by Austrian artist/architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, our little Explorers will have at their disposal, acrylic and squeegee paints, paste paper, as well as their creative minds! On a sizeable 50x60cm canvas, interpretations of the Hong Kong city space will be transformed and then constructed 3-dimensionally.

Core Art   (4.5 yrs+)

Kaleidoscope Republik

Embrace and reconnect with the harmony of our natural environment. Using colour, shape and texture as a tool to ‘revive’ Hong Kong landscapes, here’s your chance to bring flat grey buildings to life in a large–scale group painting. Study Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s artwork of colour and flowing form as well as his work advocating environmental protection to create this gigantic masterpiece.

Also inspired by Hundertwasser’s use of tones and hues, and a focus on marine habitats, create an experimental felting project, layering whimsical shades of merino wool to form an abstract fibre art piece.

Ready-Set-Draw Yearly Focus – The Art of Illustration

Explore the roles of illustration in areas of storytelling, persuasion and commentary over a myriad of themes and subjects. This upcoming year focuses on in-depth exploration of illustration and practical techniques such as realism through lighting, texture, perspective and tone. Expand your expertness on fabric and wood and follow your story over themes and subjects.

Ready-Set-Draw   (8 yrs+)

The Globetrotting Illustrator

Taking a bird’s eye view of locations far and beyond, explore the foundational elements of map projection and representation of 3-dimensional geographic phenomena on flat surface. With a focus on line work and composition in illustrated maps, create a foldable map of an imaginary island. All inspired by Bristol-based artist Andy Council.


NEW Junior Ready-Set-Draw   (6 – 8 yrs)

Creative Sketchbooks

Art courses for 6-8 year olds with themes centering on narrative, animals landscapes, portraiture and comics, coming soon!  Please contact Colour My World for more information.

Tactile Textile   (10 yrs+)

Patchwork – The Magnificent Inside Out

Consider the ‘wrong side’ of stitch work in this Abigail Reynolds-inspired patchwork module. The Cornwall-based collage artist will lead in this investigation into the reverse side of fibre work, exposed seams and those extra bits of hidden fabric to create texture and volume.


Sculpture Culture   (Pottery-Ceramics 8 yrs+)

Fundamentals Master Class

Learn to build three-dimensionally and excel in creation that takes form in art ware, figurines, sculpture, decorative and applied art objects. Acquire fundamental skills from pinching, coiling,  slab to wheel-throwing, we shall experiment with new materials whilst utilizing techniques of slip casting, clay modeling, and surface texturing. 

The Digital:Hub – Animation, DSLR & Filmmaking   (8 yrs+, 10 yrs+)

Filmmaking   (10 yrs+)

POV (Point of View) – Day in a Life

Have you ever wanted to see what life was like through another person’s eyes? Film your daily routine from eye level. Make a bowl of cereal, or tie your shoes to create a 1st person narrative of your life.

DSLR – Digital Photography   (10 yrs+)

Surreal Photomontage

Arrange a series of your own photographs of one subject matter to create a single image that’s both surreal and engaging. Using Lightroom and Photoshop you’ll have the freedom to photomontage images collectively to convey a duration of time, and create a whole new world that entices and inspires.

Stop Motion Animation   (8 yrs+)

Compile still photography to create computer animation. Narrative and story board creation.

Sketchbook Studies / Painting   (10 yrs+)

Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible – Studying the Absence of a Picture

Design with the deliberate intent to leave parts unfinished in our first module of cross-contour drawing and spatial perspective. Exploring the concept of unfinished work – as essential guide to understanding art movements from the Renaissance and Modern Art – manipulate the narration of your composition and evoke a sense of mystery. What messages will your viewers unravel from the gaps in your incomplete composition rendered in a final painting in acrylic?

Mentor Studio   (13 yrs+)

For art enthusiasts who are considering Art for GCSE, A-Levels, IGCSE or IB; or who simply enjoy being stretched artistically. Mentor Studio is open to any participants who want to strengthen their skill repertoire, build on their collection of portfolio-worthy artworks, or explore challenging themes through open-end self-enquiry guided closely by a mentor. Acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of art-form, techniques and styles used as we guide you through various artistic decision and pathways to artistic achievement.