Colour My World Chinese New Year Workshop 2020

Colour My World Chinese New Year Workshop 2020

Happy New Year of The Rat!

Wed, Thu & Fri, 29, 30 & 31 Jan 2020

(Enquire separately for Wed, Thu & Fri, 22, 23 & 24 Jan 2020 programme)

In addition to an array of visual and performing arts, motion and creativity, we now offer Communication Skills and Music & Lyrics! Enrol now for our exiting New Year workshops to find your voice and put it to good use!

Animated Cheese Mouse

(Storyboarding, Collaborative Animation)

VISUAL ART & DRAMA for 4 – 6.5 yrs

Fees : $1,750
10:00 am – 12:30 pm daily

Let’s come together to create a lively story about the Rat who’s lost his cheese! Starting with narrative and storyboard creation to understand sequence and movements, design props and paper cut outs of still photography to create a computer animation. The outcome will be a collaboratively created animation clip to share with family and friends.


The Inked Piper

(Book Illustration, Ink Drawing)

VISUAL ART & DRAMA for 6.5 – 10 yrs

Fees : $1,850
10:00 am – 12:45 pm daily

Be mesmerized by ‘The Pied Piper of Hamlin’ and illustrate a frame that depicts a moment from the classic German fairytale. On this course, you will learn how to illustrate from a story, developing skills in book illustration and sequential art.  Amass a knowhow for ink drawing, and understand the core principles of composition and contrast. Informed by John Tenniel’s illustrative style for the ‘Alice In Wonderland’ series.


IN DRAMA….  Junior Masterclass in Presentation Performance

For 4 – 6.5 yrs & 6.5 – 10 yrs

Introducing CMW’s School of Drama! Come and attend a crash course of drama where each day will be dedicated to in-depth training of a performing arts skill that participants can bring to the stage. Our 3-morning programme will be split into juniors and advanced levels to give the most effective learning experience for all ages.

Junior Skills (4 – 6.5 yrs) cover Vocal Training, Confidence Boosting and Presentation Performance inspired by the movie Ratatouille.

Advanced Skills (6.5 – 10 yrs) offer Vocal Training, Mime, and Improvisation Performance inspired by Aesop’s Fable The Lion and the Mouse.


Are You A Town Mouse Or A Country Mouse

(Drawing, Paper Craft, Textile, Mixed Media)

VISUAL ART only for 10 yrs +

Fees : $2,050
10:00 am – 12:45 pm daily

Want to learn a set of specialist art and design skills by manipulating printed images? Then join us for a series of workshops in free-hand drawing, paper cut, and weaving to create your very own experimental mixed-media artwork. Develop skills in composition and learn principles of art to design a unique triptych, inspired by the ever-adaptable rats.


NEW Junior Masterclass –

Public Speaking by Jonathan Daly

For 8 – 13 yrs

Fees : $1,850
10:00 am – 12:00 nn daily

This Speak Aloud course by speech communication specialist Jonathan Daly offers a unique crash course in Public Speaking. Over three-mornings, you will acquire foundation level public speaking, from how to write an effective speech to practical presentation and performance skills. Come and increase your speech fluency, build your confidence, and develop your understanding of the skills necessary to be a successful Public Speaker.


NEW Fiction-Writing

by Mark McPherson

For 9 yrs +

Fees : $2,500
10:00 am – 12:45 pm daily

With a focus on establishing a writer’s habit and creating ideas through clustering, free writing and prompt, this fiction-writing workshop by creative writer Mark McPherson is designed for anyone who has an urge to write stories. With an introduction to story structure, character, conflict, setting and dialogue, participants will be guided from their initial ideas to a first draft. Ideal for lovers of words, books and storytelling!


Rodent Rhythm by Roy Cheung

For 4 – 7 yrs

Fees : $600 / 2-morning enrolment

11:45am-12:45pm daily on 29 & 31 Jan 2020

With the rat’s surprising win in the Chinese Zodiac Race, we will celebrate the Year of the Rat in a music workshop dedicated to the song Best Day of My Life by American Authors. Singing with a keyboard and background music, we’ll find your beat and rhythm in a variety of games! Learn melodies and explore your vocal range, before recording a professionally engineered recording of your performance to download and play for family and friends!

Music & Lyrics by Roy Cheung

(Lyric Composition/Sound Recording)

For 8 yrs +

Fees : $1,500 / 2-morning enrolment
10:00am-11:30am daily on 29 & 31 Jan 2020

Combine creative lyric writing with music and sound recording! Starting with pop song structures and lyric analysis, brainstorm and rewrite new lyrics to create your own parody version of the song! Learn to sing with diction, articulation, breathing and intonation. You also have the chance to record and take home your very own recording to share with family and friends. Come and start your musical journey here!


Colour My World X’mas/New Year Extravaganza!

Colour My World X’mas/New Year Extravaganza!

Colour My World X’mas 2019

Visual Art Camp
O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree


Week 1: Wed-Fri, 18-20 Dec
Week 2Mon-Tue & Fri, 23-24 & 27 Dec
Week 3Mon-Tue & Fri, 30-31 Dec & 3 Jan

Mould, paint and craft your way across a panorama of Christmas symbols and traditions. Reinvent and remember the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season.

This holiday season, participants of 4-6.5 yrs will get to explore Painting and 3D Art when the 6.5 yrs+ will choose two projects from Painting, 3D Fibre Art and Animation to complete an inspiration-filled week.

VISUAL ART for 4 – 6.5 yrs

Fees : $1,950
10:00 am – 12:45 pm daily

Join us and learn about building, painting and mixed media appreciation in this combo visual art camp.

Painting – Our youngest artists will paint patterned trees with a stamped silhouette of snowflakes and stars. Warm-toned pastel colours will inspire the Christmas spirit.

3D Art – Create your own 3D tree using fibre and paper to hang from a blue pine tree.  Decorate it to your heart’s delight with an assortment of sequins and beads.

VISUAL ART for 6.5 – 10 yrs

Fees : $2,250
10:00 am – 1:05 pm daily
Gather round this visual art-based holiday course and pick and choose your favourite media.

Painting – Create a painting of ‘The Trees Within the Tree.’ Here’s your chance to produce an acrylic art piece with simmering tone and hues in a stylized composition, all around the wintry landscape of pines and firs.

3D Fibre Art – Construct free-standing fabric tress, stuffed with wadding, decorated with glitter and sparkles.

Animation – Produce a stop-motion animation based on a list of Christmas carols. Develop your own characters, sets and props to create a magical stage. Choose a carol, design a storyboard, set up the scene and start shooting! Wrap up your mini movie with music and sound effects and screen to family and friends!


For enquiry, please email or call 2580.5028.
Visual Arts E-Bulletin Nov-Dec 2019

Visual Arts E-Bulletin Nov-Dec 2019

Visual Arts Programme Guide


At this time of the year, we explore the theme of antiquity and regard for Lost Art, embracing new outlook on Restoration and Reconstruction through a range of media and techniques such as sculpting our favourite museum lost treasure, embroidering recovered fabrics, painting a beautifully restored porcelain piece, illustrating our favourite things to campaign powerful publicity and many more!

To find out more about our Visual Arts Workshops, visit: 

ENROL NOW: Term starts from 30 October!

Existing students do NOT need to re-enrol.

Core Art Yearly Focus – Fine Art and Design

Compose compelling original artwork and expand your skills in design. From Japanese contemporary art to early 20th century Russian Avant Garde, you will discover how the visual language of fashion, product and graphic design can be used for advertising campaigns and commercial messaging.

Explorer’s Art   (3 – 4.5 yrs)

Go Stone Age

Design your own Neolithic characters, animals and patterns in this prehistorically focussed term of ‘Go Stone Age’. Imitate primitive paintings using crude tools to create a textured ‘cave wall’ and create a stylised sculptural deity of your imagination. Add some earth tones and your work will stand alongside some of the oldest art ever discovered.

Core Art   (4.5 yrs+)

Lost Art

Go in search of the world’s lost art! We will be exploring how artists recreate artwork that has vanished! Inspired by the likes of Michael Rakowitz’s, looted masterpieces will be reimagined. Join us to create a 3D clay model, rich in texture and a relief collage that plays with volume and space.  Sign up now for your chance to rediscover a lost treasure.

Ready-Set-Draw Yearly Focus – The Art of Illustration

Explore the roles of illustration in areas of storytelling, persuasion and commentary over a myriad of themes and subjects. This upcoming year focuses on in-depth exploration of illustration and practical techniques such as realism through lighting, texture, perspective and tone. Expand your expertness on fabric and wood and follow your story over themes and subjects.

Ready-Set-Draw   (8 yrs+)

Illustrative Publicist

Create your own product-focused-ad-illustration through sketching, watercolour and typography to create an illustration based on a classical painting. Referencing the realistic renderings of Joe McKendry and Norman Rockwell your aim will be to produce a piece of publicity art that is both clever and humorous.

NEW Junior Ready-Set-Draw   (6 – 8 yrs)

Creative Sketchbooks

Art courses for 6-8 year olds with themes centering on narrative, animals landscapes, portraiture and comics, coming soon!  Please contact Colour My World for more information.

Tactile Textile   (10 yrs+)

Embroidery – Textile Adornment

Drawing on the conservation project at CHAT (The Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile at The Mills) embroidery techniques will be applied to printed or painted fabrics. Practise your textile skills to produce contextualised backgrounds, which will bring your embroidered work to life.

Sculpture Culture   (Pottery-Ceramics 8 yrs+)

Fundamentals Master Class

Learn to build three-dimensionally and excel in creation that takes form in art ware, figurines, sculpture, decorative and applied art objects. Acquire fundamental skills from pinching, coiling,  slab to wheel-throwing, we shall experiment with new materials whilst utilizing techniques of slip casting, clay modeling, and surface texturing. 

The Digital:Hub – Animation, DSLR & Filmmaking   (8 yrs+, 10 yrs+)

Filmmaking   (10 yrs+)

Superhero Trailer

Join us for an extensive look into pre-production planning, timing and visual story telling. Develop your advance storytelling skills and basic camera techniques to create a 30 second trailer, around the Superhero theme.

DSLR – Digital Photography   (10 yrs+)

Cutout Montage

Explore the boundaries of experimental photography. French photographer Jean Faucheur’s fragmented photography plays with perspective and dissects portraiture to create stylised compositions. Learners will acquire DSLR portrait techniques, lighting set-ups and creating optical illusions in this digital photography course, playing with geometric cutout and image manipulation.

Stop Motion Animation   (8 yrs+)

Compile still photography to create computer animation. Narrative and story board creation.

Sketchbook Studies / Painting   (10 yrs+)

Deconstruction / Reconstruction

Enter the reconstructed world of the deconstructed. Broken ceramics will be reformed and then observed and recreated in drawings. With a focus on the principles of design, balance, rhythm and dominance, our budding artists will be directed to convey the emotional qualities of abstract creations with oils on canvas. All the more informed by artist Yee Sookyung’s imperfect sculptures composed from mismatched broken pieces of porcelain.

Mentor Studio   (13 yrs+)

For art enthusiasts who are considering Art for GCSE, A-Levels, IGCSE or IB; or who simply enjoy being stretched artistically. Mentor Studio is open to any participants who want to strengthen their skill repertoire, build on their collection of portfolio-worthy artworks, or explore challenging themes through open-end self-enquiry guided closely by a mentor. Acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of art-form, techniques and styles used as we guide you through various artistic decision and pathways to artistic achievement.

Performing Arts e-Bulletin

Performing Arts e-Bulletin

Welcome to the return edition of the Colour My World’s e-Bulletin. The team here are eager to kick off the fall term, so included in this issue are the most essential Performing Arts programme and staff updates. We look forward to seeing some familiar faces over the coming months, and of course some new faces too. Are you ready to pursue your artistic adventures?



Sep-Oct 2019 


Performing Arts e-Bulletin


(4-6.5 years)

Building confidence and learning through movement, song, dance and play!

Intro2Drama is especially designed to develop life skills and boost your child’s confidence.

Taught by experienced dramatists and theatre professionals your little one will develop a unique creative awareness and art through storytelling, movement and songs.

Focusing on key areas of improvisation, staging and vocalization, performances will be based around engaging thematic stories.

Share ideas. Become an active listener. Build a sense of pride.

Classes available on Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Call for Audition

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

(5-14 years)

Shakespeare’s classic love comedy returns to the Colour My World stage

We’ve modernized the 16th century dialogue, curated pop songs that complement each scene, and all we need now are the players!

If you have a talent for song, stylised dance and delivering lines with emotion, we want to put you on stage!

Come along to the open auditions and see if you have what it takes to star in this contemporary take of the Bard’s tale.

Auditions for Colour My World’s next smash hit will take place on Fri, 30 Aug 4:00-5:00pm, Fri, 6 Sep 4:00-5:00pm and Sat, 7 Sep 2:30-3:30 or 4:00-5:00pm.

Lead Cast 8-14 years old Supporting Cast 5-7 years old

Rehearsal workshops on Wednesdays OR Saturdays (with some Fridays) from September 2019 to Performance dates of 14/15 March 2020.

Speak Aloud

(8 years +)

Speech, Debate and Effective Communication

Hone your public speaking skills and ability to critically interpret information.

Be inspired by current events, articles, speeches, news, media and photographs.

Write well-structured and persuasive ideas that engage your audience and boost your confidence.

With a focus on core skills, such as:

Interpretation and Analysis
Creative and persuasive writing
Practical performance and presentation
Teamwork and effective listening

Themes covered will include:

Personal Branding & Video Journalism (Sep-Oct)
The Modern World (Nov-Dec)
Technology & Science (Jan-Mar)
Trinity Term (Apr-Jun)

Classes held on Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday

Trinity College London Graded Exam

(6 years +)

Exam seasons December and June

(Enrolment deadline September & February)

Delve deeper into the study of performance skills and receive credentials from internationally recognised, Trinity College London.

Enhance your self-esteem, sense of achievement and support your future goals.

The Trinity syllabus main categories are:

Communication Skills: speeches on personal experiences and opinions

Speech & Drama: character performances from a range of material and a showcase of self-expression.

Acting Skills: techniques in vocalisation, mime, improvisation, characterisation, staging and a study in dramatic literature.

Musical Theatre: disciplines in singing, acting, and movement are examined through integrative performance from a range of classic and contemporary pieces.

Colour My World’s experienced facilitators provide in-depth training and personalised instruction. Small groups of students will be supported through material selection to final polishing.

Staff Updates

Colour My World would like to wish Gabor Zsóka (Fashion Design) a successful farewell.

And a warm welcome to Mark McPherson, Jonathan Daly (Speech, Communication and Creative Writing) and Kelvin Yu (Painting, Illustration) to the team.


Contact Colour My World for more

information, dates and times.



(852) 2580-5028

NEW: Music Workshops at Colour My World!

NEW: Music Workshops at Colour My World!

‘Tis the season for song and making merry!

We are pleased to announce that Music performance, Lyric composition and Sound Recording workshops will be coming to Colour My World this December and January as part of our Christmas and New Year’s Holiday camps.

Led by professional sound master and engineer (Tonmeister) Roy Cheung, participants ages 6 years and up can learn how to sing in both solo and group contexts, set lyrics to music and much more. At the end of each workshop, your mini-maestro will be able to make a professional sound recording of their performance, which you can download and share with family and friends!

Workshop dates run on: 20-22 Dec, 27-29 Dec and 3-5 Jan, from 10.00 am – 11.15 am (10 years +) and from 11.30am – 12.45pm (6-9 years).

For more details on individual music workshops,
please click and open our online guide below!

Oz!: Reimagined COMING SOON!

Oz!: Reimagined COMING SOON!

Oz! Reimagined is less than a month away and we are gearing up for our best production yet! Everyone knows the story of Oz, but this time it’s a little different…

Re-imagined by the creative spirit of Director Daryl Walker, this children’s classic tale is being taken on with a new, modern twist. Set in many familiar locations around Hong Kong, this production is sure to catch the imagination of its young performers and audiences alike, with clever use of costumery, back-drops and props that give Walker’s vision a distinctly local flavour.

This year’s distinctive show-poster (above) was also designed by show co-director James Gold, who drew inspiration from both local and fantastical elements to create a stunning visual representation of the show’s unique modern twist and steam-punk inspired dilapidation.

This showstopper is full of catchy musical numbers and spell-binding acting performances by our very young performers, with some of the best vocal performances ever to have been part of our productions. We are especially looking forward to some of the rip-rousing solos by the cowardly lion, tin-man, Dorothy and others – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Oz! Reimagined is the latest offering in our long line of annual full-length theatrical productions under our ‘Centre-stage’ Youth Theatre programme for young performers aged 6 – 16 years. For more information on Colour My World Youth Theatre Programmes, visit: /annual-centre-stage-production/

Oz!: Reimagined hits the stage in Y-Theatre, Chai Wan on 19 & 20 February 2017. Tickets go on sale Feb 2nd 2017 on – don’t forget to book yours early to avoid disappointment!